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    Csd Freiburg 2021

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    Csd Freiburg 2021

    Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und. In unserem CSD-Kalender findest du alle Pride-Termine in und Neben dem 7. August – CSD Mainz „Sommerschwüle“ CSD Freiburg Freiburg. Maskenpflicht statt Knutschaufforderung: Der Christopher Street Der Christopher Street Day fand am Samstag in Freiburg bei bestem Wetter statt. Freiburgs Haushaltsentwurf für wird zur langen Streichliste.

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    Dafür werden wir um so größer dabei sein! Versprochen! / Juli Juni | CSD Freiburg Juni | CSD Freiburg (Infostand) – CSD Freiburg. LOVE September CSD Potsdam Mai Potsdam. flag CSD Weiden - CANCELLED Mai Weiden. flag CSD Freiburg Juni Freiburg. flag.

    Csd Freiburg 2021 CSD Freiburg 2019 Video

    Christopher Street Day in Freiburg 2019

    The day welcomed 22 teams from the regional area. Online Resources for Teachers Click here for online Dr. Pohl Lemgo for teachers. Dec

    Csd Freiburg 2021. - Weitere Artikel

    Februar 13, November 28,
    Csd Freiburg 2021 Dezember 1, Dezember 4, - von Redaktion. September 28, Dezember 5, Mai 17, Nations League Italien 29,

    They were also open to all discussion and questions, so that work flowed effortlessly. During my time here I was given a number of tasks.

    My very first week I was asked to prepare an extensive overview of criminal visualisation methods used internationally for an ongoing Bulgarian-based project of a similar nature.

    The work I was given was both relevant to my interests and felt impactful, as I was helping on active, important projects. Outside of the office, I was tasked with aiding at conferences organised by the CSD and to attend them as well.

    Meeting so many professionals from the field at these events was beneficial to my practical understanding of the subject matter to a great extent.

    The workload was always manageable and the staff was respectful and did not give out additional tasks without considering the priorities of what was already assigned to be done.

    The people I got to interact with also offered an enriching experience, from the multicultural intern group to the capable and forthcoming permanent staff.

    Overall, I would definitely recommend the internship opportunities at the CSD to anyone interested in non-governmental work, international relations or just to be able to share in the wealth of experience of the people that work there.

    My tasks were mostly within the fields of religious governance, prevention of terrorist radicalisation and occasionally the social inclusion of minorities and refugees.

    Moreover, I contributed to the active participation of my department in some Horizon projects related to social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

    As such, through my versatile duties I acquired precious knowledge and learned how to prioritise deadlines. At the same time, I managed to further enhance my analytical skills and sense of responsibility.

    I would also like to stress the professionalism and readiness of my supervisors in my department. The staff was absolutely helpful and with positive energy, thus giving me the necessary motivation of carrying out my daily obligations, notwithstanding that the latter were often demanding.

    Simultaneously, my internship gave me the possibility to further exercise my English language skills at a professional level.

    Last but not least, I met and socialised with people from different countries, which was an unforgettable multicultural experience. Therefore, I recommend to every post graduate student to enrich their professional and personal background by doing an internship at CSD.

    In particular, I primarily focused on the field of hidden economy and undeclared work, and I occasionally assisted my department with regard to energy efficiency and sustainability policies.

    Throughout my internship period, I had the chance to put into practice my academic competencies and practise my English language skills, further improving both of them.

    Even though the conditions were often pressing and the tasks challenging, CSD offered me a unique chance to prepare myself for the future reality of working in a high-quality and demanding agency, and taught me how to deliver desired outcomes.

    Moreover, the personnel of the organisation has always been friendly, professional and very helpful, demonstrating readiness to guide me throughout every new task, hence cultivating an environment of reciprocal respect.

    I must also stress the support from other fellow interns, as well as the fact that I never experienced malevolent competition during my tasks.

    As such, the social environment of the organisation enabled me to further develop my personal character and provided me the opportunity to meet people from different countries, thus engaging me in a truly multicultural context.

    Consequently, I would absolutely recommend a CSD internship to every graduate or postgraduate student as a critical step for their professional, as well as personal, development.

    My advisor granted me a lot of latitude in approaching the long-term assignments allowing me to immerse myself freely into any given topic.

    I am grateful to all of them for having taught me so much. Tasks were very diverse. Finally, Sofia is an intriguing place to live being multifaceted and allowing me an intense, albeit brief, insight into life in Eastern Europe.

    I also had the chance to explore Bulgaria and its neighbours during my stay. Hence, I can only highly recommend an internship at the CSD, also because every outstanding intern is considered a potential future employee.

    During my internship, I had the opportunity to gain unique insights into how Russia uses media to malignly influence countries across Europe. I was also lucky enough to participate as a note taker for meetings that included participants such as the International Monetary Fund and the US Department of State.

    Among the participants were the diplomatic missions in Bulgaria of countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, and Germany, in addition to the former president, Rosen Plevneliev.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the CSD, and hope that the experience I have gained is useful in obtaining employment in the future. Finishing my undergraduate studies, I chose to combine writing my thesis with a four-month-long part-time internship at the CSD.

    Being accepted in the Economic Program strongly shaped my stay in Bulgaria and became a cornerstone for my thesis. The library was a very welcoming place to work in, and I am taking back home great memories of lunch-break discussions, evenings out and trips shared with the international fellow interns.

    It was an honour to share one and the same working environment with the research fellows and senior analysts. Particularly, I appreciated how the researchers took into account my interest for the energy sector, involving me mostly in related topics, such as the SCORE-H project.

    From the various tasks I was given and the collaboration as well as feedback from the supervisors, I improved through first-hand experience my spectrum of research skills.

    Also, the seniors were extremely benevolent and gladly shared with me their expertise by sending me relevant literature regarding the energy sector and offering guidance.

    Within these four months, I experienced a major leap forward in terms of knowledge, which culminated in the conduct of expert interviews for my thesis, involving among others an analyst from the CSD.

    Returning to Switzerland, I have a lot of information and new insights to digest and hope to do the best out of it. If you want to be challenged, develop your research capabilities, enlarge your horizon, be immersed in a different culture and learn about regional and international realities in a specific field of interest, I highly recommend an internship at the CSD!

    To work as an intern in the CSD was an eye-opening experience which allowed me to widen my research areas and improve many of my skills.

    It was a very enriching experience which allowed me to put in practice all the knowledge gained during my post-graduate studies.

    I am very grateful to the CSD for this opportunity and I would highly recommend it to anyone aiming to gain experience in the field of research. I spend the summer before the final year of my undergraduate with CSD.

    This was an incredible experience, which allowed me to improve my research abilities working on interesting projects of varying topics, from anti-corruption efforts to energy policy.

    Furthermore, the people I have met at CSD, be they fellow interns or seniors, have all been very welcoming and have fervently shared their personal experiences and areas of expertise which has been invaluable.

    I hope to continue to stay in contact with as many of these individuals as possible. What has stood out to me at CSD, has been how much I have been able to shape my internship and deal with topics that I find interesting, working with supervisors that I have developed a personal connection with.

    I have also acquired data and material for my dissertation at CSD, which I plan on taking back to Cambridge and hopefully performing well with.

    Overall, my stay in Sofia has provided irreplaceable experiences and memories, as well as unmeasurable additions to my research skillset.

    I would recommend CSD in a heartbeat to anyone looking for experience in a regional leading think tank or policy institute, where I can guarantee you will not be stuck taking meaningless minutes and making coffee for months.

    Working at CSD has been an informative and enjoyable experience. I chose to intern at the Center in order to gain insight on how think tanks work and the environment inside of one.

    My experience at the Center has provided a broad range of perspectives on issues facing Bulgarian and European security as a whole.

    I would like to thank the incredible individuals at CSD for this opportunity, my fellow interns for sharing this unique experience and I would encourage anyone interested in public policy or international relations to apply for an internship at the Center.

    I had the pleasure of working 2 months at CSD this summer. As a major aspect of my temporary job and under the caring supervision of CSD staff, I had the opportunity to gather significant individual and scholarly experience.

    Accordingly, during my work on different projects I had the opportunity to improve my skills such as writing and analytical thinking. Additionally, partaking in incredible discussions with interns from worldwide, assisting with various types of assignments and being a part of CSD's regular work contributed significantly to improve my research capabilities.

    Generally, I consider the internship at CSD as a wonderful and useful personal experience and I encourage students in the field of politics to apply for an internship at CSD.

    Thank you all for everything. During my time at the centre, I was able to work on different projects. I found this to be a major advantage, since I was able to deepen my knowledge on several topics as well as apply what I already knew.

    I was able to develop my research and analytical abilities. These practical skills are my biggest take-away from my time as an intern at the centre.

    The opportunity to get first-hand experience in think-tank work and policy development was great. I very much enjoyed the responsibility and flexibility I was granted by my supervisors, with the ability to work from home occasionally.

    It truly was a positive learning experience. As a work environment CSD was outstanding. My supervisors were available and ready to help me anytime I needed advice.

    The intern-team was amazing. There were people from many different places around the world, which allowed for stimulating conversation and different viewpoints being offered.

    It was the other interns that really made my experience as good as it was. I warmly recommend an internship at CSD for its international and extremely friendly working environment together with the professional guidance from all the supervisors.

    The advanced research skills one will be able to develop during their time at CSD are a great attribute for the future.

    Working as a research intern in the Law Program, where I did a lot of research on gender equality and anti-discrimination and how these issues can be solved in the public sector using information and communication technology ICT was really an eye opener as this is a relatively new phenomenon that the world hasn't gotten a grip about.

    I had my supervisors at hand at all times to encourage me in my work and to also give constructive criticism. It helped me gain an insight in how appropriate research is being done which in turn helped me with my research thesis.

    The work environment at CSD was warm, friendly and something I always looked forward to and this experience is one that I will cherish all my life.

    I would encourage prospective interns to apply for internship here at CSD as it is one place that is good for you. Working for the CSD for three months has been one of the most enriching experiences after having graduated my master studies in law.

    I worked within the Law Programme of the Center, and had the opportunity to carry out a wide range of tasks, with different degrees of responsibility, in topics such as terrorism and organised crime, procedural rights of defendants with psycho-social or intellectual disabilities, and the social effects of isolation on defendants.

    The work was dynamic, challenged me to learn more, and generally taught me a great deal. More importantly, I had the chance to work with a diverse group of people with exceptionally high knowledge and experience.

    Learning from them has been truly invaluable, and perhaps the main thing I will take back from this internship. Everyone was friendly, open, and eager to help your development.

    I was treated as a member of the team, which gave me a chance to share my own ideas, and I am very happy to have had this opportunity.

    I wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking to carry out an internship to do so with the CSD. I spent six months as an intern at CSD during which I had the chance to take part in various research projects.

    Although I was initially assigned to work on a couple of projects related to the energy transition, I was also quickly involved in other research activities such as illegal cigarettes trafficking and media capture, which helped me gain a valuable insight of both the quality and the breadth of the work performed by the Economic Program, while allowing me to grow and improve my research abilities and writing skills.

    I was able to take part in the organization of two international conferences organised by the Centre, as well as international project and consortium meetings.

    I was foremost astonished to witness the outstanding quality of both the work performed and the expertise of the staff. Working with the analysts of CSD allowed me to learn every day while benefiting from their knowledge, experience and guidance.

    Moreover, I would like to stress the benevolence of the staff and thank them for always including us in their work and activities, for their patience and for always leaving room for opinion and conversation.

    Finally, I am grateful to my fellow interns for the quality of their company and their support, working with them made my stay at CSD most valuable, both professionally and personally.

    For these reasons, I recommend every student or recent graduate with a direct or indirect background in Political Science to consider an internship at CSD, that, I am sure, will be as enriching as mine.

    I had the pleasure of spending 3 months at CSD this summer. As part of my internship and under the kind supervision of CSD staff, I was able to accumulate valuable personal and academic experience.

    Therefore, during my work on the Diversity and Mental Disabilities project I was able to upgrade my research and literature review abilities and enhance my writing and analytical skills.

    Overall, I consider traineeship placements at CSD as a great chance for students to get a good perspective of diverse research work as well as excellent input to develop personal traits for their future career.

    Working for the CSD has been an important, unrivalled experience. Since day one I was assigned to the Law program dealing with human rights, international crimes, practices for migrants and extensive research on trafficking in human beings, and applications for international protection.

    The CSD gave me a chance to put into practice all the skills learned during my educational experiences, such as time management, decision making, planning, stress management, working effectively with others, always leaving room for dialogue, questions, clarification in a way to improve knowledge and capacities.

    The CSD is a professional operator, and has made meticulousness, punctuality and experience its trademark. They are well acquainted with problems that young people coming to a foreign country may have and they make you feel comfortable from the very beginning.

    They are friendly, kind and always available to help you on specific issues or uncertainties you may have.

    Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. During my career I have been engaged in several traineeships but, without a doubt, the CSD has made this the best experience ever.

    After a few months working on the Law program, I can only say good things about the CSD, but above all about the people who make the engine of this organization work so well every day.

    These are the professionals who silently improve our society day by day. When they put under the microscope every aspect that they consider dysfunctional they do not do it because there is an economic or political interest behind, but because they all share strong principles that can be felt in the office, principles that they develop through their meticulous and objective work pushing the opinion of Europeans to consider that things may not be so perfect, far from it.

    This, for an intern like me, has been an experience of incalculable value, but if we add to this the human quality that they show and how they include you when you arrive, the office becomes a place to grow every day professionally and personally.

    As my first experience in the world of research I started with doubts, but since day one I was assigned work that I could do independently, self-managing but knowing where to find support and constructive criticism from people whose backgrounds are truly inspiring.

    My experience working for CSD was a truly wonderful learning experience. Among the tasks I was assigned were in-depth research, writing, or preliminary research on topics like Russian influence on the Western Balkans, and undeclared work, both very interesting.

    The team at CSD is so welcoming, available to answer questions and eager to involve the interns that you feel comfortable since day one.

    I was lucky to experience first-hand the work of a civil society organisation, especially in the great learning conditions that are laid out for the interns: supervisors, employees and interns altogether participate in the exchange of ideas and a daily forging of opinions.

    Without a doubt, I encourage students in the field to spend some time at CSD, if possible, longer than I could. Thank you again for everything!

    Being an intern at the Center for the Study of Democracy was a very valuable and gratifying experience. During my three months working for the Sociological Program, I performed a varied number of tasks that allowed me to gain a better understanding on the different topics that the department works on.

    Some of my tasks were searching for information materials aimimg at orienting asylum seekers and refugees in host societies, searching for labor market orientation practicies for refugees, and searching for methods for measurement of diversity management benefits.

    Apart from these daily tasks, I had the opportunity to work with a group of remarkable supervisors and colleagues, who were extremely supportive and helpful throughout my whole internship and, most importantly, made me feel welcomed since my very first day.

    In all, my time at CSD has been an experience that I will always remember and appreciate, and I encourage all prospective interns to apply for an internship position here.

    My internship for the Economic Program was a truly incredible experience that allowed me to learn about the most salient projects the department is working on, while giving me practical involvement and skills within a premier research setting.

    During my time at CSD, I was able to meet and work closely with many motivated staff members who gave me the freedom to work independently, but always made themselves available to answer questions and to give me feedback on working assignments.

    CSD gave me the opportunity to meet many talented interns who come from various cultural and educational backgrounds, making it possible to learn together and exchange ideas and viewpoints on important topics in international relations.

    I recommend an internship at CSD for its inclusive and international office environment and for the research skills that one is able to obtain from the knowledge set of the Center and the tools it makes available to interns.

    Having the chance of working with the CDS has truly been an amazing opportunity. I was an intern in the Law Program and after two months, not only have I been able to expand my knowledge regarding both European and International Law, but also put my previously acquired legal knowledge to test.

    As an intern, I collaborated with many future European projects analyzing cases and data, doing legal researches, writing case briefings, among others, focusing mainly on topics which had a huge impact at a European level.

    By doing so, not only was I able to see first-hand how a group of professionals in this precise field of study work, but I was also invited to attend the different conferences that were held in the Center, which was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    With that being said, if anybody finds the time to do an internship at CDS, luckily longer than mine, I invite you to do so without hesitation.

    Every day you will get the chance to analyze new issues and forge opinions, and afterwards you will enjoy everything that Sofia has to offer with the rest of the interns, while having an unbelievable experience throughout your entire stay.

    I interned for the CSD for five months and I spent an advantageous and worthwhile time there. The Economic Program and from time to time the Law Program took care of me and gave me interesting tasks concerning attractive topics like:.

    The CSD published last year in collaboration with similar organizations in five countries a fascinating study on Russian influence in Central and Eastern Europe.

    Based on this study, I was assigned a mid-term task analysing German and Austrian media covering Russian influence in the respective countries.

    I enjoyed freedom in doing this, while my superiors were always available for queries and help. Furthermore, CSD covers issues which for me are highly interesting.

    I had already lived in Sofia for six months before starting the internship, but among CSD staff I got a different perspective on Bulgaria and Bulgaria as a part of the EU.

    The colleagues were willing to answer every question I had and I learnt a lot in addition to the actual work. I thank all the staff for welcoming me there and for the friendly working environment provided!

    I was very pleased with my six months internship in the Sociological Program at the CSD and definitely encourage other students from all over the world to follow my example and contribute to the work of the Center as an intern.

    Throughout my stay in Sofia, I was assigned with highly interesting task and topics regarding human rights, migration and refugees, radicalization or integration efforts of refugees in several EU Member States, in which could gain practical be theoretical knowledge for my future professional career.

    I was able to sharpen my research, as well as academic writing skills in English which both will turn out as a great contribution to my reports and analysis in the near future.

    I am very pleased with the kindness and openness not only by my colleagues from my Program, but of all CSD employees and other international interns.

    My internship also provided me with inspiration for my upcoming bachelors thesis and I'm more than thankful for the intensive and informative time. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity for an internship with the CSD.

    I was a part of the Economic Programme, and aided with a number of projects with regards to my specialisation in anti-corruption.

    The team here was very supportive and communicated effectively with me in order to give me projects in-line with my research interests, which greatly contributed to my professional development here.

    I provided updates for data and the SELDI newsletter, as well as conducted research and provided support on topics such as anti-corruption in the education sector, corruption in the energy sector, and the impact of EU conditionality on anti-corruption in Bulgaria.

    I had a great time here. I joined the Security Programme and I worked on several projects on organized crime, terrorism, and corruption in Europe.

    I supported the team in a project on counter extortion racketeering in Europe. I also carried out some research on measuring the corruption and international terrorism.

    The team has also been useful helping me with my personal research on confiscated assets from organized crime activities. It was a pleasure interning at CSD for six months.

    I acquired new skills and knowledge about crime issues which my professional career will benefit from. If you are a student or a young professional, this is the right place to test your skills and preparation, you will find good mentors.

    It was a pleasure to become an intern here; it was an honour to contribute to the Economic Program. During my internship, I worked on various topics such as Russian economic influence in Bulgaria, energy security in Central and Eastern Europe, human resources and nuclear energy, etc.

    I can only praise the Centre and its staff. For over four months, I was part of a dynamic and international environment that required nothing, but the very best.

    I recommend doing an internship at the Centre for the Study of Democracy to all who seek to test and put to practice the knowledge they have acquired during their studies.

    Nevertheless, I should emphasize that your best allies for successfully completing an internship at the CSD are commitment and discipline.

    I was basically responsible for desk research, data updates and summary writing. Matchday 10 highlights! Plea earns Gladbach a draw in Freiburg The French forward hit a sensational long-range strike to earn the Foals a point against their bogey team.

    Fantasy scout: tips and picks for Matchday 10 Not sure which players should be in your Fantasy team? Mateta hat-trick sinks Freiburg Jean-Philippe Mateta scored a first-half hat-trick as Mainz recorded their first win of the season in Freiburg.

    Angelino stunner crowns Leipzig win over Freiburg Angelino scored an eye-catching late free-kick as Leipzig maintained their perfect home record this term.

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    CSD Freiburg. LOVE September Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und. In unserem CSD-Kalender findest du alle Pride-Termine in und Neben dem 7. August – CSD Mainz „Sommerschwüle“ CSD Freiburg CSD Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau. Gefällt Mal · 54 Personen sprechen darüber. Der Christopher Street Day Freiburg startet in die nächste Runde ! The Arlington Central School District mission is to empower all students to be self-directed, lifelong learners, who willingly contribute to their community, and lead passionate, purposeful lives. Comments (-1). Der CSD Freiburg basiert auf ehrenamtlicher Arbeit und ist eine nicht kommerzielle Veranstaltung. Daher sind wir dringend auf Spenden angewiesen und freuen uns über jede - noch so kleine - Spende. Spenden könnt ihr über Paypal oder auf unser Bankkonto: Christopher Street Day Freiburg e.V. IBAN: DE BIC: GENODEM1GLS. The Owego Apalachin Central School District was recently recognized by Solution Tree as a 'Model PLC District'. The district’s successful implementation of the Professional Learning Communities at Work ® process was a major contributing factor in the improved achievement of its students. OACSD is one of just 22 school districts in the United. Monday, January 18, Jan. Weeks TPC Meeting Thursday, January 21, Jan. Windsor Central School District NY Route 79 Windsor, NY Visit. Peekskill City School District Website. PCSD Alumni - Share Your Stories Here! We often highlight the great things happening with our current students, but now we are also expanding our efforts to recognize our alumni as well, as they serve as living examples of our District's successful outcomes!.
    Csd Freiburg 2021 Causes event in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany by CSD Freiburg on Saturday, September 19 with K people interested and people going. 16 posts. Causes event in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany by CSD Freiburg on Saturday, September 19 with K people interested and people going. CSD Germany. Send us an e-mail. [email protected] CSD Dates. at a glance; Calendar; The association. Goals; Mission statement; Members; become a member; Board of Directors.
    Csd Freiburg 2021

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    September 28, Dezember 5, - von Redaktion. Kliment Ohridski". I also sorted and registered books at the CSD library and Chinese Mafia Csd Freiburg 2021 ant-corruption online library Zotero. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone looking to carry out an internship to do so with the CSD. At the Center for the Study of Democracy, I worked in the fields of conventional and organized crime, anti-corruption, and technology transfer in Bulgaria under the supervision of the Director of the Economic Program Mr. Scholarship Advising. December until Friday, My name is Anna Sassu and I come from Italy. I have very positive feelings towards the CSD team. It was a pleasure working with people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds that were always Aktion Mensch Megalos to help and give me guidance. View Flirtplan Cookie Policy. Approval of candidates: Internship applications are reviewed at the end of each month. As I expressed my desire for more challenging tasks, I was allowed to participate as an equal staff member in the brainstorming and planning sessions for upcoming grant applications. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity that has helped me open Get Ready To Rumble doors in both my professional and academic career. During the internship, I had a chance to meet people from several countries, engage in a truly intercultural dialoguesharing new ideas and learn and discuss the various issues.


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