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Holy Cow Halloween Costume

Holy Cow Halloween Costume

Andrea as the butterfly filter, Megan as the deer filter, Brooke as the rainbow filter, and Rachel as the dog filter. I came up with the idea after seeing a make up .
it's two holy cows! For our costumes we decided to be holy cows. We came up with the idea because I tend to say holy cow a lot, so we were like hey! Let's be .
These two costumes took common sayings and brought them to life. It's as effortless as adding "oh" to your deer costume or putting a cow and angel.
Photo #1 – Holy cow costume Photo #2 – Holy cow hoodie an shirt Photo #3 – Holy cow pants Photo #4 – Holy cow wings and halo Photo #5 – Holy cow black .
Halloween Costume: Holy Cow: Holy Cow! (I think that's all I need to say); p.

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